Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Postage stamps...caught between this century and last. I used to go through rolls of stamps in a year. Between greeting cards, bills, and letters, stamps were something everyone had on hand. They even sold, and maybe still do, cute little stamp cases. Somewhere in the last five years ago or so, everything has changed. Except for Christmas cards and an occasional birthday card, most greetings are sent via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Bills, most are automatically debited. And letters, I believe those are reserved for antique stores and road shows. Letter writing , a forgotten art, seems like a blog post to come.Isn't that an oxymoron?

Now, I have more stamps on hand than I feel like I will use in a lifetime. And to add insult to injury, they are for a variety of values. I have 37 cents, 39 cents, 44 cents, 5 cents, 3 cents, and forever stamps. I don't even know what it costs to actually mail a letter these days. I believe it is 44 cents. It seems inefficient (especially with my local hours) to go to the post office every time I need a stamp. But, it also seems a waste to have so many different stamps on hand. Sometimes I just put two 37 cents on an envelope. I know postage isn't that much, but I just want to get rid of these stamps. I promise, if I ever do get rid of all these stamps, I will only buy forever stamps from then on.


  1. Nice photo of the stamps! You sure have a variety!

  2. You are right they might be antiques! Like the grouping.