Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Days

I thought for sure that I would fall behindwith my photos and blogging this week. I have been fighting a cold, or something, for days. Nyquil, Dayquil, Emergen-C...Hmmmm, all the things I bought for DS#1 last week. Wonder where I caught this? Anyway, been dragging all week and just getting done what has to be done. I was waiting for a friend this afternoon in the hallway and saw this cute bulletin board. Fourth graders made snowmen glyphs with a first grade "buddy." Then they wrote compare and contrast paragraphs about themselves and their buddies. The snowmen seemed to epitomize the friendship and joy these children share.
My fourth graders have first grade buddies and just love them. They are so cute and feel so grown up when we get together. I love to hear them talk about their buddies and how "cute" they are. It makes me wish we (and they) had more opportunities for intergenerational experiences. We learn so much from our elders and our youngers! Who did you learn from today?

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