Monday, January 25, 2010

A Clearing

What a day it was today. I feel like I could recite a virtual litany of annoyances and detours today. It started about 2AM when one of our PWDs had a sudden fit of head shaking. Nothing we did seemed to stop it. After finally falling back to sleep for about three hours I awoke to the sound of heavy rains and winds. oh well, off to a day of PD. A day of integrating literacy with technology seemed like a good idea, and for many people probably was. However, my session was plagued with problems, no laptops, no flash or shockwave installed on presentation computer...
Unable to access Plurk, Twitter, or FB, I felt so disconnected from my PLN. I wanted to share what was going on and ask for help. Yet, since I was at work, I couldn't connect. Why do we insist that our students collaborate and work together because, "That's what they will need to be successful in the world of the future." and then block teachers from doing the same thing?! Why should it be a problem if I am using P, T, or FB appropriately for academic collaboration which enhances my students' learning? I think of a magazine...If I brought in a magazine that could appropriately be used as a quick reference or a way to engage a student, I think that would be okay. However, if I brought in a magazine and sat all day reading it, my administrator would have a legitimate issue. So then, is the issue Social Networking &, PLNs? Or is it really one of appropriateness, professional judgment, and management? Think about it!

My picture today was the sky about 5:00 as I arrived home. The sun was out to the west and the clouds were rolling away. Ah, tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Sorry your day was a tough one. At least you had electricity. I was glad you weren't presenting where I work. Tomorrow WILL be better.