Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Day Missed Already

I have to admit I am wracked with guilt. I guess it harkens back to my "good girl" days in Catholic school. After all, I accepted the challenge to blog and post every day this year. I do have a reason, or an excuse as I'm sure one of my teachers would have put it. And it is a really good reason. I had the unbelievable luck of attending the premiere screening of "Brace for ImpactThe Chesley B. Sullenberger Story.

My DH and I met up with some good DEN friends and we caught the late afternoon train to New York City. A trip to NYC, on a school night, was I crazy??! Sure, but what I saw and heard reminded me that we have to "go for it" when we have the chance. Almost one year ago, 155 people nearly lost their opportunity to have that chance. Thanks to the strength and skill of a dedicated pilot along with professional aviation personnel and brave rescuers, those 155 still can "Go for it" today.

Meeting Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger and his wife Lorri was inspirational. They are both warm, genuine people who graciously answered question after question and stood for hundreds of photographs. The big smile never let Sully's face and he made me feel as if he had all the time in the world for me. It was a pleasure to meet them both.

On January 13, 2009 a tragedy was averted by many people "just" doing their jobs. These people changed the lives of the 155 passengers of flight 1549 in exponential ways. Your job and my job may not affect that many lives in a single day. Or maybe it will. It is impossible to predict the ripples that come from "just" doing our job.

Today, I take two things with me. Two precepts if you will. 1.) When you have a chance to "go for it" - do it. and 2.) When you do a job, whatever it is, do your best.

PS Let me add a third. Sometimes there really is a good reason!

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  1. I'm very jealous of all the DEN folks who had an opportunity to meet Capt. Sully. The program sounds terrific and I can't wait for Sunday!