Monday, February 1, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Picture taken from my hotel balcony overlooking Philadelphia City Hall on a cold night.

Friday night in Philadelphia marked the beginning (for me) of EduCon 2.2. Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia held its annual education conference. I rushed out of school Friday afternoon and sped (while maintaining a legal speed) south to Philadelphia. After checking in my hotel, I quickly hoofed it over for the evening panel discussion at The Franklin Institute on "What is Smart?"

Dr. Frederic Bertley moderated as five distinguished panelists offered their opinion on what is smart. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences were referenced as well as passion. Nature and/or nurture was considered as well. Can one be smart in one area of their life (Tiger Woods in golf) and not so smart in an other area? Discussion flowed as the 300 plus audience tweeted observations and questions. The one topic that seemed conspicuously discarded in the discussion was one's Intelligence Quotient, or IQ.

I did learn that the IQ test, originally developed by Alfred Binet, was to identify students in the French school system that were struggling academically, and give them help to catch them up with their peers. Perhaps a good idea at the time, but one that has surely been misused and perverted over the years.

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