Thursday, February 25, 2010

Between the Storm and the Storm

I haven't been able to get around to the south side of my house for weeks now because of the high mounds of snow. After a few warm (in the 40s) days. Enough snow had finally melted so that I could make my way with calf high books to the back. Previously I would have needed waders of some kind.
I was dismayed to see my beautiful crepe myrtle broken and battered. About a third of the tree is down, presumably due to the weight of the snow. While I know that we are a little north for a crepe myrtle, I had thought that it was sheltered enough in the corner between the shed and the house. In a normal Pennsylvania winter, this was sufficient protection. This winter however is far from normal. This evening's weathercast said that we have received almost 80 inches of snow so far this winter!! This is by far a new record. In addition, the amount of snow in February would rank 5th for the snowiest season!
Many people are feeling desperate with talk of another possible snow storm next week. I can't say this too loudly, but I have to admit that I am gleefully hoping for one or two more big storms before spring.

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