Sunday, April 11, 2010

He's Back!

I know how Bill Murray in Caddyshack felt. Every year we are host to one or more groundhogs. We have tried trapping and releasing them. They seem to return before we do. We have tried euthanasia - perhaps there IS life after death. Nothing has worked.

This year we replaced our old, worn wooden deck with a new, wood alternative deck. The deck sits much closer to the ground and I thought we would be safe. After all, it was no longer the familiar locale of old.

How wrong I was! Saturday morning, sun is shining, I glance out back and what do I spy? A fat, (probably pregnant) wobbly groundhog munching on my tender spring shoots and heading right for my deck. After snapping a picture I hisses and yelled hoping to scare him away. Hah! The little varmint just kept coming right towards the deck, towards the cacophony of noise I was sure would turn him right around.
Welcome back!

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